20 Apr

Buakaw Banchamek VS Enriko kehl



Buakaw Banchamek VS Enriko kehl

An all-time ultimate Muay Thai fighter Buakaw is fighting the German Enriko. At the start of the 1st Round, Baukaw seems to have lost his balance and falls at min 0:53, but quickly gets back on his two feet and ready to show the audience his Muay Thai skills. Buakaw is able to place several knee hits onto his opponent with several other grab & toss techniques in the 1st round, making Enriko fall in 5 different times. On the 2nd Round, Buakaw does an impressive toss of Enriko after minute 5:58. Another impressive moment is right after min 9:45 (3rd Round), where Buakaw starts off with an amazing knee kick to his opponents face. Clearly this match must be given to Buakaw, he dominated the entire match and dropped Enriko many time. Although, everyone who watches this match, must believe Buakaw should have won, it was determined, by the K-1 judges, to be a draw and that the match should go to a 4th Round (Sudden Death); Buakaw decided not to go to SD on this fight because he said that the match had its results locked. Hopefully in future matches this problem will not be presented again, Buakaw was the best fighter, no questions asked.


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