Pakorn PK Saenchai muay thai gym (red) vs Nong-O Gaiyanghadao (blue)

On this video we’ll be watching, Pakorn PK Saenchai muay thai gym (red) vs Nong-O Gaiyanghadao (blue) As the video shows the start with the 3rd Round, we can appreciate how both fighters begin the match on full throttle. It seems that Pakorn (RED) tries to dominate Nong-O (BLUE) by pushing him onto the edge of the ring. On min 0:58 we may see how Nong-O catches up Pakorn’s pace by giving him a taste of his own strategy, which lasts for the rest of the 3rd Round. At the start of the 4th Round, min 1:40,


Pakorn takes back the control of the match; on min 2:13 we see how Nong-O tries to get a hold on Pakorn, but as Pakorn tries to get him off, he throws Nong-O and makes him loose stability, moment in which the referee is forced to break up the entanglement. Fight then continues on min 2:59, moment in which Nong-O gives out some high kicks, but Pakorn responds quickly with a left punch to his rival’s face; luckly Nong-O was able to withstand that well placed blow to his face. Right on 3:15, both fighters take some distance so as to begin what may be called as a “kicking fight”. Soon after, the 5th Round begins, on min 3:30, both fighters try to knock each other down with their last effort. As the fight ends, although Nong-O gave it a good run, it was not enough to defeat Pakorn; Pakorn wins this match by points.

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Muay Thai primitive training with Banana tree


In this short video we will see how a Muay Thai fighter trains his kicks with a palm tree. He does a quick leg swing and returns quickly to his defensive position after hitting the tree. Although the video’s title is “primitive training”, many yet doubt that this was once a possible way to properly train a fighter. Normally, fighters tend to practice and train with another person; training alone is not recommended for this martial art, there won’t be a proper defensive strategy. If what you are training are hits, then possibly, alone training might come in handy but eventually a fighter will have to practice with a real person who will block his moves or give a fast comeback. Even though this video might not show the proper “primitive training”, Muay Thai fighters, received, it still shows the strength and stamina the fighter has. Many times, martial art fighters, hit hard materials so as to make their bones harder; if you did not know, when a bone has received damage, the body repairs it, but the difference is that when it get repaired, the bone gets harder and stronger.

Muay Thai Documentary

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In these 4 videos, you’ll be watching a documentary based on Muay Thai named “8 limbs: Life of a Nak Muay”. Hopefully by now, you must know that Muay Thai is also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or as the “Science of Eight Limbs”; the reason why Muay Thai may be named like this is because it uses fists, elbows, knees and feet to inflict damage to the opponent.

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Muay Thai Bag workout technique

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กางเกงมวย นวมมวย และอุปกรณ์มวยไทย
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During this 3 minute video, you’ll be learning how to properly train with a long sandbag. The most important thing when practicing with a sandbag is to know exactly what distance to strike it from. There are 3 ranges, kicking range, punching range and a knee & elbow range. With that in mind, you should take the proper distance when practicing one type of hit or another. Another important thing to have in mind is not to stop the bag after a hit, you should actually be moving around the bag just like you would against an opponent. You may also block the bag from coming at you, just like you would block a real opponent, but remember to have a quick comeback, because you don’t want to give your opponent time to hit you or get a hold of you.

Try to keep in mind that training videos help a lot if you are having trouble with a certain move or hit. As it’s shown in this video, speed up your combination of hits as you get more comfortablewith the sandbag, do not try to go faster than you actually can, start slow and increase speed as you get better.

History of Muay Thai

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Muay from Muay Thai derives from the Sanskrit Mavya which means “to bind together”. It also comes from different writing of Burmese, Cambodia and from the Lanna Kingdom or Chiangmai.

Muay Thai is a sport from the muay martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking with clinching techniques. It include combat on foot that also known as “art of eight limbs” or “science of Eight Limbs” because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes it also combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet. Muay Thai became famous all around the world in the 20th century.

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Dekkers interview – Ramon Dekkers – The man behind the knockouts


Although the video might be long (1 hour and 26 minutes), it is worth watching. You’ll be taking a closer look at an eight time world champion in Muay Thai, Ramon Dekkers, also known as “The Diamond”. The eight time Muay Thai champion, was determine to be a great fighter, he started his training of judo at the age of 12, later he moved to boxing; after a year of training in boxing he decided to switch to Muay Thai. Sadly, Dekkers passed away on February 2013, but has left a legacy and has become world known for his many achievements. With a total of 223 fight, with 186 wins (95 by KO), 35 losses and 2 draws; Dekkers records show to be some of the best in the world. Even though Dekkers was actually a kick-boxer in Europe, when he decided to fight travel to Thailand, he was forced to win his matched by KO, since in Thailand (Muay Thai), point rules are different from Europe’s (Kickboxing).

Dekker became a very popular fighter in Thailand; he was also awarded the position of ambassador of all foreign fighters in Thailand. He was an impressive fighter and has become a legend in martial arts.