Buakaw P.Parmuk hardness training



A 7:34 minute long video, where you will be watching some of Buakaw’s intensive training. Although no subtitles may be seen on this video, the important part of it is how intensive Buakaw’s training has been throughout the years. His hard work has truly paid off, becoming a world known fighter, on min 2:30 you may appreciate a compilation of fighting videos of Buakaw, in which he KO his opponent. Buakaw has truly mastered Muay Thai though hard training and proper learning of the fighting techniques; he begins his daily training with a 10km run at 6am, followed by 500 knee hits to a sandbag and a 30 minute ring practice fight. As the day moves forth, he runs an extra 8km at 3pm, and again 500 knee hits to the sandbag along with 20 to 30 minute continuous kicking and some more 30 minute kicking to a sandbag. After kicking for an hour, he practices grabbing for 40 minutes. He ends his training with some rope climbing and after he sets he mind into a peaceful mode so as to relax for the next day o begin.

True mastery of Muay Thai comes with extremely hard work.