Muay Thai primitive training with Banana tree


In this short video we will see how a Muay Thai fighter trains his kicks with a palm tree. He does a quick leg swing and returns quickly to his defensive position after hitting the tree. Although the video’s title is “primitive training”, many yet doubt that this was once a possible way to properly train a fighter. Normally, fighters tend to practice and train with another person; training alone is not recommended for this martial art, there won’t be a proper defensive strategy. If what you are training are hits, then possibly, alone training might come in handy but eventually a fighter will have to practice with a real person who will block his moves or give a fast comeback. Even though this video might not show the proper “primitive training”, Muay Thai fighters, received, it still shows the strength and stamina the fighter has. Many times, martial art fighters, hit hard materials so as to make their bones harder; if you did not know, when a bone has received damage, the body repairs it, but the difference is that when it get repaired, the bone gets harder and stronger.