Muay Thai Bag workout technique

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During this 3 minute video, you’ll be learning how to properly train with a long sandbag. The most important thing when practicing with a sandbag is to know exactly what distance to strike it from. There are 3 ranges, kicking range, punching range and a knee & elbow range. With that in mind, you should take the proper distance when practicing one type of hit or another. Another important thing to have in mind is not to stop the bag after a hit, you should actually be moving around the bag just like you would against an opponent. You may also block the bag from coming at you, just like you would block a real opponent, but remember to have a quick comeback, because you don’t want to give your opponent time to hit you or get a hold of you.

Try to keep in mind that training videos help a lot if you are having trouble with a certain move or hit. As it’s shown in this video, speed up your combination of hits as you get more comfortablewith the sandbag, do not try to go faster than you actually can, start slow and increase speed as you get better.