Dekkers interview – Ramon Dekkers – The man behind the knockouts


Although the video might be long (1 hour and 26 minutes), it is worth watching. You’ll be taking a closer look at an eight time world champion in Muay Thai, Ramon Dekkers, also known as “The Diamond”. The eight time Muay Thai champion, was determine to be a great fighter, he started his training of judo at the age of 12, later he moved to boxing; after a year of training in boxing he decided to switch to Muay Thai. Sadly, Dekkers passed away on February 2013, but has left a legacy and has become world known for his many achievements. With a total of 223 fight, with 186 wins (95 by KO), 35 losses and 2 draws; Dekkers records show to be some of the best in the world. Even though Dekkers was actually a kick-boxer in Europe, when he decided to fight travel to Thailand, he was forced to win his matched by KO, since in Thailand (Muay Thai), point rules are different from Europe’s (Kickboxing).

Dekker became a very popular fighter in Thailand; he was also awarded the position of ambassador of all foreign fighters in Thailand. He was an impressive fighter and has become a legend in martial arts.

Teerawat Yioyim (Buakaw’s trainer) interview


If you have seen the interview to Buakaw, then you’ll have to watch this next video, where Buakaw’s trainer, Teerawat Yioyim, is interviewed. Since Buakaw is a great fighter he has his own personal trainer, Teerawat Yioyim, who has full responsibility of Buakaw’s aerobic training, weight training, food diet and he also has to take care of any injuries Buakaw may have, including recoveries and massages; basically Teerawat Yioyim has to take care of everything Buakaw has to do and does not have to do.

Teerawat’s training program is separated onto two parts, the first one is about technique training, where Buakaw practice his hits, and the second one is about Buakaw’s fitness training. Having full responsibility upon Buakaw’s training is a major issue for Teerawat; he has to improve only what he believes needs improvement. He is asked whether he has modified or not Buakaw’s training, and he quickly responds that he has not made major changes, Buakaw’s training has been good throughout the years, and only minor glitches have been corrected.

At the end of the video, we are able to have a short insight onto what kind of a man Buakaw is, his trainer’s opinion is that Buakaw is just another regular guy outside the ring.