Buakaw cutting down banana tree


In this amazing video, you are watching a Muay Thai legend of Thailand, Buakaw, cutting down a banana tree with some kicks and punches. It is probably amusing watching Buakaw cut down a tree with his bare feet, but he is not just a “crazy guys” as the video’s title indicates; Buakaw is a two time (2004 and 2006) K-1 World Max Champion, he has been training for over 22 years and has mastered Muay Thai to a level only few may reach. Watching Buakaw cut down that tree may seem easy, but it is actually his bone density the key factor to this amazing fact. Over the 22 years, Buakaw has been training and fighting with his fists, elbows, knees and feet. He has gathered a bone density (from all the training and fighting), which enables him to cut down that banana tree with just a few hits. This is not just another YouTube illusion, it is actually a real man (who has mastered Muay Thai) kicking down a banana tree.

It’s a fun 40 second video to watch, especially if you are into Muay Thai and want to impress your friends with some cool Muay Thai videos.

Watch >> www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIIgge9-i24