Pakorn PK Saenchai muay thai gym (red) vs Nong-O Gaiyanghadao (blue)

On this video we’ll be watching, Pakorn PK Saenchai muay thai gym (red) vs Nong-O Gaiyanghadao (blue) As the video shows the start with the 3rd Round, we can appreciate how both fighters begin the match on full throttle. It seems that Pakorn (RED) tries to dominate Nong-O (BLUE) by pushing him onto the edge of the ring. On min 0:58 we may see how Nong-O catches up Pakorn’s pace by giving him a taste of his own strategy, which lasts for the rest of the 3rd Round. At the start of the 4th Round, min 1:40,


Pakorn takes back the control of the match; on min 2:13 we see how Nong-O tries to get a hold on Pakorn, but as Pakorn tries to get him off, he throws Nong-O and makes him loose stability, moment in which the referee is forced to break up the entanglement. Fight then continues on min 2:59, moment in which Nong-O gives out some high kicks, but Pakorn responds quickly with a left punch to his rival’s face; luckly Nong-O was able to withstand that well placed blow to his face. Right on 3:15, both fighters take some distance so as to begin what may be called as a “kicking fight”. Soon after, the 5th Round begins, on min 3:30, both fighters try to knock each other down with their last effort. As the fight ends, although Nong-O gave it a good run, it was not enough to defeat Pakorn; Pakorn wins this match by points.

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