Plaikaew Kiatyongath (RED) and SuperJack Sor. Yupinda (BLUE)


As the match starts, we can see that Plaikeaw (RED) begins dominating the match until min 1:20, where Superjack (BLUE) clearly spices up the fight a bit by taking Plaikeaw to a corner. Much more can’t be said about the 1st Round, but as soon as the 2 Round starts (2:36), both fighters gave it their best. As you see the fight continue though the 2 Round, especially on min 2:58, we may appreciate Plaikaew’s fighting skills, but soon after SuperJack corners him again with some well-placed kicks. It is important to take into account SuperJack’s fighting strategy, he managed to nail Plaikaew (in min 3:26) onto the edge and pressured him; soon after, Plaikaew was able to free himself form Superjack’s strategy with some high kicks. In minute 3:50, Plaikaew pressed on Superjack; Superjack tries to answer back with a blow kick, but Plaikaew dodges it successfully. As the match continues, Superjack shows how he dominates the match, minute 4:00 is a clear example, a right punch falls on Plaikaew’s face. Few seconds later (min 4:20), the match goes for Superjack after he threw a dead blow at Plaikaew’s neck. It’s a very nice match to watch, mainly for lightweight Muay Thai lovers.

Top 10 Muaythai Knockouts


The top 10 Muay Thai knockouts that you have ever seen are in this video. Amazing fighters from all over the world, who have mastered Muay Thai, are shown in this video., fight between BernuengTopkingBoxing VSAlex Vogel . Bernueng elbow hits his opponent knocking him out.

  1. place, Japet Black OragonSwiss VSJuriKehl.Juri knocks down his opponent with an elbow hit to the nose.

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