Top 10 Muaythai Knockouts


The top 10 Muay Thai knockouts that you have ever seen are in this video. Amazing fighters from all over the world, who have mastered Muay Thai, are shown in this video., fight between BernuengTopkingBoxing VSAlex Vogel . Bernueng elbow hits his opponent knocking him out.

  1. place, Japet Black OragonSwiss VSJuriKehl.Juri knocks down his opponent with an elbow hit to the nose.,ManasakSitniwat VSBernuengTopking Boxing. Bernueng hits his opponent with a combination of punches, finishing him with left hand uppercut., Ole or PiriyapinyoVS Alexander Tobias. As we watch the Thailand fighter being cornered by his rival, he quickly swifts a high left kick to the head, knocking him out instantly.

  1. place,NonsaiSorSanyakorn VS Thiago Teixeira.Thiago pushes forward, as Nonsai is getting closer to the ring’s edge, and wuicklyThiago throws a left punch and knocks Nonsai.
  2. place,SornthongDennawee VS Ali Yaakub. Ali kicks Sornthong as they broke off an entanglement, knocking him out fast.,SorSanyakorn VSEnrikoKehl . With his amazing elbow hits, Enriko is able to twist and hit his opponent, living him KO in a smooth manner., Armin Phumpanmuans VSFaizalRamli. As Faizal was cornered, he quickly threw a deadly kick to Armin’s head.

  1. place,ArturKenf VS VahitArslan. With an amazing turning kick, Vahit is able to hit his opponent on the head, KO him instantly., Spoiler alert, number one Knock-out is done by EnrikoKehl with a smooth elbow hit to his rival’s face, dropping him instantly onto the floor at min

Watching this video will truly motivate you for your next Muay Thai class, and perhaps learn a few moves to knock out your opponents.